"An E2 gathering in Minneapolis? Sure, I'm there!"

If only things were so easy. This was something I wanted to go to. A meeting of intelligent people who wrote well in a city fairly close by. One could not ask for more. Of course, there were a few problems:

  • I'm young, and need my parents to drive me to the cities, which is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from Mankato. My parents would need a reason to go up to the cities.
  • I needed to convince my parents that E2 noders aren't the type of people would would stab me, drag me into an alley, and rape my dead body. Knowing my parents, this would not be an easy thing.

    By some stroke of luck, my parents had several reasons to go up to the cities in the timeframe I was provided. That was one problem solved. I was also able to convince my parents that these were nice, clean people who didn't take kindly to the idea of kidnapping young children.

    All looked well, until I learned of the date. April 7th

    This would not work out. Passover took place on the 7th, and although I'd be in the cities on that date, It'd be to have Seder with my grandfather, not to meet noders.

    Things again looked bad. However, another wave of good luck hit: my parents assured me that I could at least make the early afternoon ceremonies. They wouldn't mind driving up early; they could go to a film, or something to that effect.

    So, I was hyped. At least I could meet at the sculpture garden and walk around the Walker for a while.

    Or so I thought. It turned out that that ever fickle fate was against me, yet again. My mother sprained her ankle, badly. She wouldn't be able to go drive up any earlier than necessary to the cities.

    I'd like to say that with any luck, I'll be able to attend the next gathering, but there's a conspiracy to get my hopes up, I know it...