I got a call tonight at around ten o'clock, which surprised me since none of my friends ever calls just to talk and it seemed late to arrange some sort of activity. Well, I was wrong. It was a friend arranging an activity... one that sounded rather dubious to me.

This guy's plan was for both of us to go to a mutual friend's house and just hang out with her for a couple of hours. He mentioned a couple of other people that he had talked to about this, but it seemed unlikely that they would come.

This sounds perfectly innocuous, but the thing is, these two had an interesting situation. Though both are involved in long distance relationships, they have recently started a habit of indulging in kissing sessions. Therefore I had to leave at a pre-arranged time (I asked the guy whether I would get in the way, and he suggested the early departure) so they could have a chance to lip-lock a bit.

I still maintain that I am a damn good friend, and underappreciated at that.