It would be interesting to develop a profile of the typical American Everything user and see how it fits in with this picture. Because of course we're talking about an American who:

  • Owns or has access to a computer
  • Has Internet access and frequently uses it
  • Therefore is probably not poor
  • Is statistically likely to be of the caucasian persuasion
  • Is educated
  • Is aware of Everything
  • Is the sort of person who is inclined to post their opinions in an online forum, or feels comfortable enough with Everything to do so here
  • Cares enough about politics, religion, etc. to make that the subject of their posts

This probably represents a fairly small percentage of the American population, but it raises some interesting questions. Is this demographic predominately right-leaning? Is the degree of influence they exert in American society in proportion to their numbers, or are these the policy makers of the future (or present)?