I'm dreaming of a world where superheroes and supervillians are common, and most if not all of their activities take place on the highways. Superbeings are categorized by the DMV as Class A motorists, and there are two ways one can enter this category:

  • Publicly declare one's self a superhero or villain
  • Act like a superhero or villain on a consistent basis, regardless of self-identification. (For example, driving over the posted speed limit is reserved for superbeings. If you frequently speed, you are saying to the world that you consider yourself a Class A.)
  • These highways are controlled by a computer system run by dem bones. If a motorist does not self-identify as a superbeing but keeps acting like one, bones will order the system to take control of the motorist's vehicle and then he will yank the motorist into a virtual space to confront him about his actions. Unless the motorist can provide a good reason why he should not be categorized as Class A, bones will put him there. Not everyone wants this -- when you've been officially declared a Class A motorist you are fair game for assault by other superbeings. Life becomes very interesting at that point. Perhaps a little too interesting for most. But if you make your bed you've got to lie in it, right?