Last night saw the coming and going of the 75th Academy Awards. The only thing that is worth commentating on is Michael Moore's speech after winning for the best documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

After winning the award, Moore begins ranting about how he and his fellow documentary makers film a world of reality and exist in that same world. He would never support a fictitious president who was voted in during a fictitious election, who is fighting a war for fictitious reasons and blah blah blah blah. Interestingly enough, he received cheers for the fictitious president remark but then began to hang himself with boos when he started trashing the war effort.

Personally, I am all for questioning authority and voicing opposition to things that you don't agree with. However, I feel that when engaged in a war, everyone must show support for those who are risking life and limb. Never for a minute must those people risking their lives think that we are unappreciative of the sacrifice they are making. Burn flags and effigies as much as you want before or after the war, but don't cause dissent when the very success and lives of the soldiers depends on unity. Sure, the soldiers would have been better off if the war would have never started, but it's too late for that.

Another thing that really torques me is when celebrities feel qualified to be political spokespeople. I respect Michae Moore a little more on this level because of his record as a documentary film maker, but I think he had ill timing. If you want more about celebrities and politics, check out my low rep celebrities and congress node. (Shameless self plug).

The last comment I have is that I wish people would stop bringing up the election results. All of this garbage about Florida is making me puke for two reasons. Reason one, it could have gone either way; since it couldn't be a tie, someone had to win so deal with it. Reason two, there are 49 other states in the union and the fact that the race was this close says that Al Gore wasn't really a much superior candidate.

I realize that many may read this as a pro-Bush wu and that I'm all war war war or I'm a hawk or something. In reality, I don't care who's president and war sucks.