Carlo Giuliani was the man shot and killed by an officer of the Carabinieri on July 20, 2001 during the protests at the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. He was 23 years old.

Giuliani was with a group of protesters attacking a vehicle full of Carabinieri. He was about to throw a fire extinguisher at the vehicle when an officer in the rear opened fire with a handgun. (note: with subsequent examination of relevant photographs, it appears that shots were fired before Giuliani would have been in position to throw the extinguisher, or look as if he were about to.) Giuliani was shot once in the face and once in the forehead about five centimeters above the bridge of his nose. He fell to the ground immediately.

The Carabinieri vehicle then backed over Giuliani's body, shifted into a forward gear and drove over him again. In certain photos, some Carabinieri on foot appear to be shocked at what they have just witnessed.

A fellow protester rushed to Giuliani's body and knelt in the widening pool of blood to check for a pulse. He shouted for a medic, and was then hit in the legs by a tear gas canister and withdrew. Riot police advanced on the dead body, refusing to allow anyone to approach it.

The Carabinieri officer who shot Carlo, and whose name is unknown at this time, has been charged with murder and has claimed self defense.

Information distilled from various indymedia reports, first-hand descriptions, and several photo sequences.