Agnostic can also be a person:

If, in a role playing game (or real life, depending on how you spin), everyone else begins to pray to their respective god or goddess and you feel remarkably out of place, it is a great release to improvise a prayer service to the great Lord Agnostic. Feel free to:

An example using EverQuest would be:

Shadow Knight: "Come to me, Innoruuk. Let my hatred of this pretender Dragon flow through my strikes! Bwhahah!"
Druid: "..and may Tunare smile upon our attempt to slay the vile Lord Nagafen, for he hath bad breath, and hath not a single Shadow Knight eaten in several minutes."
Cleric: "Tunare, may your loving hand guide our arrows to fly true and strike deep. Your wisdom grant our..."
Guy Who Is Agnostic: "Hey Lord Agnostic! I just wanted to chat with you for a bit, before we go whack this dragon. I've got some spare time, since these idiots are busy putting messages on Tunare's answering trash can. Anywho, Agno, see that wood-elf over there? Think she'd be interested after the battle? If she's alive, that is. How're the odds for that?"
Cleric: "...spellshapers the concentration to weave their mystic rites during the melee, and strength to those who will be in the dragon's breath and must suffer direct his fangs and claws. We ask this in your name."
Guy Who Is Agnostic: "That bad, eh? What if I sacrifice the Cleric to your divine meat grinder, will that help? Hmm.. Okay."
Guy Who Is Agnostic: "Inside this cave here, it's hard to tell if it's going to rain tomorrow. Can you give me some of that divine wisdom of yours? Ahh, interesting. Thanks: want me to light a cow on fire for you? Oh, right, it may upset Tunare, and Lord Agnostic, you know that would be a crying shame..."