I have often been bothered by the fact that there is no reliable way to indicate sarcasm in written English. In online forums I have seen people use <sarcasm> </sarcasm>, which is admittedly very accessible. But somehow lacks the subtlety which makes sarcasm so fun.

I propose that we create a punctuation mark to indicate sarcasm, something like the exclamation mark or question mark which have the ability to express emotion in a character. Of course, I doubt that I could convince people to update all their keyboards, the ASCII code and their fonts, so I think that we need to use a character already there.

I great choice I think would be the under-utilized "|", also known as the pipe. One could say, for example, |Bill Gates just wants to make good software|, and all the subtle layers of intended irony would just leap into view.

It would also give a new meaning to "ls -a | more". I'm not sure what meaning, but it would be new.