An early and somewhat educational game for the Commodore 64 (and possibly other platforms) aimed at the lower primary school age.

In level one, you were on one side of the garden and had to get to the other. Standing in the way of this were obstacles such as a lake and a forest, though luckily you had friendly garden animals to help you on your journey. To cross the garden you had to use the correct animal to cross each obstacle (ie eagle to fly you over a wall (or was it a lake?)).

The hardest level involved hungry dragons that were allergic to certain foods. By using elimination and logic the player had to assign each dragon his favourite food. When the player got it wrong, the dragons sneezed using really bad C64 sound and animation. Huht-n-Choo!

My primary school had this in their computer labs, and it was the first computer game that I remember finishing. Anyone over 10 could probably finish it in 10 minutes.