Any Reasonable Offer
The Package
The No-Talent Kid
Poor Little Rich Town
The Cruise of The Jolly Roger
Custom-Made Bride
Ambitious Sophomore
Bagombo Snuff Box
The Powder-Blue Dragon
A Present for Big Saint Nick
Unpaid Consultant
Der Arme Dolmetscher
The Boy Who Hated Girls
This Son of Mine
A Night for Love
Find Me a Dream
Lovers Anonymous
Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp

Now, as much as I love Kurt Vonnegut, I consider Bagombo Snuff Box to be sub par to his other books. The magazine short stories were his first commercial writing efforts and the best of them were used in the other short story compilation, Welcome to the monkey house. Bagombo Snuff Box is composed of the remaining stories that got left out. It is Vonnegut, so it is still worth reading if you're a big fan.