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mission drive within everything
Be factual, and as complete as possible.
Music trivia, western occultism and medical testing.
Quest Diagnostics
Everything changes, though nothing is truly lost.
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Prester John takes his name, and some of his outlook on life, from the
more-or-less historical Prester John. The reason for Prester's respect for Prester is simple: the Middle-Ages Prester was able to confound the hierarchy
of a major world religion, as well as many of its followers, simply by not
really existing. It is this laissez-faire approach to annoying people that
motivates the modern Prester in all things.
When not honking people off, Prester works as a manager for a medical
laboratory (be afraid) by night, and sleeps through the day. He can be easily
recognized by his ever-present deck of Tarot cards, and a perpetual smirk. If
you should see him, tell him to call his parents, as they miss him... and they'd
like him to stand still so they could successfully shoot him.