Regarding aforementioned informal contract.

Dear Jar,

I appreciate your vast concern for the treatment of your unborn child, and I have no doubt that you will indeed treat him or her well if you ever do have a child (I'm not giving any hints today).

Unfortunately, I can't be held responsible for the actions of Amanda; she has her place in the world and she will make of it what she can. Her baby boy wasn't all my doing, but he deserves a chance too. Don't be too critical of Amanda. In the words of a good friend of mine "The faults of others are easier to see than one's own; the faults of others are easily seen, for they are sifted like chaff, but one's own faults are hard to see".

Just remember that this life is all you have, in the here and now. Appreciate it while you can and do with it what you will. The future is uncertain, even for me!

I cannot grant your wish (although I am not saying it won't happen). I ruled out specifically altering fate for well meaning requests a long long time ago, in the first attempt actually when things went really wrong, but that's another story.

What happens will happen, maybe your waiting is a little test, and I suppose you won't know for sure for a long time. Sit back, look at the flowers, watch a sunset, and help someone. Things happen as they will happen, do you really think that I have never waited, that I have never been unsure on the outcome of events. I don't micromanage, that is for inefficient corporations in America.

Have fun, and what happens will happen, just don't spend your whole life waiting. And if you ever do have a kid, make sure you embarass him or her some. It's your job as a mother.

Sincerely, God