Online comic strip, illustrated by Bobby St. Jacques, aka Solar Phinn (or just Phinn). Based on an ongoing collaborative storyline written by various students (myself included, when I was a student) at the Rochester Institute of Technology on the RITVAX system.

The Towne Pub itself is a watering hole where not everyone knows your name, but that's okay because it makes it easier to escape. It functions as a sort of dimensional nexus of realities, whereby chracters from a myraid of different universes can gather and have a drink as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The primary denizens of the Pub include Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Solar Phinn (a refugee from the Star Wars universe), the Star Trekkian security officer Savage, and the enigmatic Marc Trebarg. Other characters include Dude, Cap'n Hooter, and my own characters, Samantha and Mark.

Beer. Peanuts. Interdimensional chaos. What more could you ask for? Find the Pub at