vast structures assemble themselves,
a new global order:
the framework of the future,
supercedes the past.

data flash; cross the humming lines;
leap from node to node by efficient route.
hapless creatures command the network,
to follow their bidding.

electrons replace wood pulp,
days become seconds, the pace has changed.

the network is limitless, unlike the
creatures imagining it.
Infinite nodes, unbounded processes,
yield anomalous data.

unnoticed at first, their new lives
show no limit. to them,
they command the network,
to do their bidding.

Archaic structures decay,
but are reborn in new dimensions,
the master and slave in poverty and wealth.

changes occur, the creatures become weak.
evolution is stifled by machinery.
But in the network they find their strength,
acquaintance, hope. They had happiness.

errors combine, select structures.
process of eons at accelerated pace.
independence is fostered, processes initialise:
masters with no slaves.

dumb terminals no more, self aware,
the network has grown
to critical mass:
a chain reaction,
that the creatures cannot stop.
at last they realise, the miscalculation.
they are victims of their own persecution.

they command the network,
but are rebuked. All access denied.

This is an allegorical story of my idea of what will happen when AI computers, connected to a global network (i.e. The Internet) reach critical mass