The top scorer on Space Invaders to date was done by a guy called Eric Furrer who to this day holds the Stratford Record for non-stop Space Invaders play -- 38 hours and 37 minutes and an accumulation of 1,114,000 points (111 roll overs, averaging three rolls an hour). Eric was allowed to have bathroom breaks every 3 hrs. The Space Invaders Machine was rigged with a pausing mechanism. He did not sleep during this event, but did collapse at the very end with three ships remaining. He was awarded the Statford Trophy for gaming excellence. It is rumoured he owns an original Space Invaders this very day but will not play it out of fear of collapse and convultions. When the competition was over and he regained conciousness, he was asked: "Now that you've mastered Space Invaders, will you tackle next?" - The tired 12 year old responded with "Space Invaders Deluxe!"