X-Wing is also the title of a series of four Star Wars books written by Michael Stackpole, specifically "Rogue Squadron", "Wedge's Gamble", "The Krytos Trap", and "The Bacta War". Following this, Aaron Allston took the series over and wrote a couple more books ("Wraith Squadron", "Iron Fist", "Solo Command" and "Starfighters of Adumar"), while Stackpole returned to write one last book "Isard's Revenge". However, for the purposes of this node, I will be referring to the core four books, not the spinoff books that followed it.

In these books starting two and half years after the destruction of the Second Death Star, Rogue Squadron, the squadron responsible for the destruction of the First Death Star is reformed under the leadership of alliance hero Wedge Antilles. This squadron is formed up of the best pilots the Alliance can muster, and are sent on otherwise impossible missions. To give a taste of what this means, this lone squadron manage to wipe out a vital imperial base, infiltrate and disable Coruscant's defences, play a major role in securing the planet, and defeat the evil Ysanne Isard along with her Super Star Destroyer. All in all not too bad a series as Star Wars books go, and not nearly as light on the plot as you may be thinking.