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mission drive within everything
Fixig tis piece of poop i call keboard, or replacig.
My old job was computer repair, I was pretty good at that.
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Reality has a tendancy to exist
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December 10, 2000
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Ieeeeeee, I finally got sick of my boring home node.

Ok here's who I am, I live in Colorado, politically I'm part of the minority that's not really from either major party or any party, but would rather watch his representitives and choose by what they're past is and I am extremly rigid in my beliefs all people deserve like rights.

I have led a fairly protected life, I suppose living in the suburbs of Denver. However I did spend 4th grade till 10 grade clinically depressed. I dunno life suprises you.

Er I wat to do I oe ode, bt keboard is badl broke. I sppose it is kida laffie, bt wo wats soetig tat o oe ca derstad? So ere I leave I place. :)

Gah, there is something seriously wrong with this home node, but I'm lazy. Sometime I'll make it nice, until then uhm... please excuse the mess.