Here this day, I think back at what could have been.
I see my mistakes clear as day; slightly too sharp for comfort.
Someone I still love, whom once truly loved me, has passed. I watch and see what choices she makes and I mourn. What else is there for me to do. A world of half-way happy events, somehow missing that one needed thing. She used to write passionate wonderful things about me. Now her writings, although I could almost place myself in them, are about someone else. A love lost, what gained?

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. True especially to those who find another love.

Compare the value of anything once you have had something worth everything. Doesn't seem quite as grand. Shallow events continue to go, but somehow it's not as grand as when I had something I'm missing.

These disjointed writings brought to you by my melancholy adventures into my ex's recent writings. Update time. Oddly enough, growing up can be a great thing. There was a large amount of petty spite in this node. I talk to my ex, I still love her, but in a different way. I miss things - sure - but I don't feel much pain anymore, occational discomfort at the worst. Love made me who I am; it is one year from the day I first told her I loved her in just two days. I'm happy with life; waiting for love.

Thank you for your time.