Snow is a 2-CD album released by Spock's Beard in September 2002. It has 26 songs which follow the life of a man named Snow, so called because he is albino. This is a concept not unlike that of The Who's Tommy. The lyrics are "spoken" by different characters and the wonderful artwork in the liner notes (there's a lot of them) give great images of the story.

Track list and rough outline of the story:

Disc 1

  1. Made Alive/Overture — Snow is born
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land — "shunned as he grew", Snow sets out into the world alone at seventeen
  3. Long Time Suffering — Snow loves his new world
  4. Welcome to New York City — a pimp named "The Knight" greets Snow and shows him his wares
  5. Love Beyond Words — Snow acts as The Knight's psychiatrist, he sees Snow as a savior
  6. The 39th Street Blues — a prostitute complains to Snow and The Knight about her life, Snow offers her salvation
  7. Devil's Got My Throat — a drug addict goes to Snow for help, word of his healing ability spread
  8. Open Wide the Flood Gates — Snow preaches love in Central Park
  9. Open the Gates part 2 — Snow preaches some more and gains followers
  10. Solitary Soul — "The Homeless" tells their story to Snow, they are invited to join him
  11. Wind at my Back — The Homeless praise Snow, he is their savior

Disc 2

  1. Second Overture
  2. 4th of July — the narrator's hints at things to come
  3. I'm the Guy — Snow's ego takes control
  4. Reflection — Snow makes the cover of Time - he is labelled "the albino priest"
  5. Carie — Snow falls in love with Carie, he forgets his new life in order to chase after her
  6. Looking for Answers — Snow wonders why Carie doesn't respond
  7. Freak Boy — Carie's response
  8. All is Vanity — Snow enters depression
  9. I'm Dying — Snow loses hope
  10. Freak Boy (part 2) — Carie's words sink in
  11. Devil's Got My Throat (Revisited) — Snow joins The Addict for a night out
  12. Snow's Night Out
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards
  14. I Will Go — Snow finds salvation in God
  15. Made Alive Again/Wind at my Back — Snow thanks his Savior in the same manner in which his followers thanked him