I make a wish and it takes me to a giant underground cavern beneath Manhattan. (Picture Futurama's "Old New York".) This wish-making teleportation thing has happened before in this dream, with similar results, and I suspect it's just changing the environment instead of actually moving me (beacuse even a genie would have to account for rotational kinetic energy). Climbing up some of the buildings to the ceiling of the cavern, I tore away at it and found that it was made of some foamy substance, colored in white and in solid colors, like a Monopoly board. This evidence contributes to the theory that I'm really just inside some really weird (yet quick) transforming room.

Anyway, this time there's a girl with me. I don't know who she is, but she keeps getting into trouble (Marle? No, she's not blonde.) She is having a conversation with a talking dog, and I just know it's trying to trick her into doing something unsavory. So I pick up some of the triangular bricks that are lying around, and start tossing them at the dog to get rid of it. (Heinlein: "Is hard to frighten scientists, their minds don't work that way. Have to get at them from other angles." After all, a talking dog must be a genius among dogs, like that talking gremlin.) He just keeps on talking after having half his face torn off by triangular bricks. The raw flesh underneath looks like cross-sections of flesh I've seen in previous dreams. Half a talking dog is even scarier than a whole one, so I wake up and walk around rather unsettled for the next few hours.