The Boston Terrier, also known as the Boston Bulldog is one of the few American breeds of dogs. They were first bred to be pit fighters in the late 1800's in Boston. They were developed using the Pit Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, Bullterrier and English Bulldog.

In 1889, the American Bull Terrier Club was formed by a group of about 30 Boston fanciers. Over time, opposition arose from bull terrier and bulldog fanciers about the similarity of the breed’s name. In 1891, the American Bull Terrier Club changed its name to the Boston Terrier Club of America and changed the name of the breed to the Boston Terrier. The breed was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1893.

In the 1900's, breeders started breeding the dogs smaller, turning them into more of a companion animal, rather than a fighter. Today the breed is more like the Pug than a Pit bull. They are still compact, well-muscled and strong dogs, though.

In the early 2000's, Boston Terriers started popping up in television commercials for all kinds of things. They are usually doing naughty things in these commercials, like pulling hoses with running water into houses or jumping on tables to eat human dinners. Even though they are more easily recognizable than they used to be, people are always asking me what mine is when I walk him. Depending on where you are, people either think he is a Pit bull puppy or a French Bulldog. They really are a “poor man’s” French Bulldog, though, as they have a lot of the same features of that breed but without the high price tag.