From time to time I enter into discussions with those who contend that their beliefs are proved by the existence of "fulfilled" prophecy within their preferred text. For those who will not accept the Fallacies of prophecy, I prophesize this rebuttal....

Lo, I feel the divine spirit of our Universe itself coming upon me; and it inspires me to prophesize thusly:

First, I prophesize that in the future, I shall make claims and assertions, and that these claims and assertions shall be the TRUTH;
Second, I prophesize that persons having beliefs different from my own will dispute the TRUTH of my claims and assertions.
And I prophesize that the disputation of the TRUTH of my claims and assertions will verily prove my prophetic prowess, and so prove that the claims I have prophesized to be the TRUTH are indeed so.
I further prophesize that some will dismiss this prophecy or become otherwise discomfited upon its fulfillment. Woe be they, for now that'll make it doubly fulfilled.
And I further prophesize that some will respond to this prophecy with claims and assertions relating other prophecies from other asserted prophets.
And, just to cover all the usual and traditional bases of prophecy, I further prophesize that there will in the future be times of peace between some nations and times of war and strife between others, that there will be incidents of bad weather and fears of disease or plague. A man will be born who will become the leader of his nation, and his name will contain an "a" or an "e," or possibly an "o." A medium-large-to-great calamity will happen, and people will point and stare and pontificate about whether that was the great calamity which was prophecized to happen.
But mostly, I prophecize that humankind will continue mucking about as we've always mucked about, only with a somewhat clearer picture and better signal, on a good day.
This general-purpose prophecy, as inspired by the spirit of our Universe, will serve as a handy reference for future discussions on the proper value of prophetic propositions.