Somehow, in the Age of Twitter and the sanctification of snarky wit, George Takei has become a resurgent icon. He has become, essentially, a dryly wry comedian, with the succinct catchphrase of a long, smooth, baritone-voiced "Oh, my!"

Takei's Twitter handle is (naturally) @GeorgeTakei, and there he dispenses forth fairly constantly a stream of amusing comments, mostly ironic observations on retweeted imagery. He has, as well, made a cottage career of appearing as a camp caricature of himself in various venues. He voiced himself in Futurama. In one episode of The Big Bang Theory he appeared as a figment of Howard Wolowitz's imagination, verbally sparring with Katee Sackhoff (of Battlestar Galactica) on the course Wolowitz ought to pursue to win back his girlfriend. In Psych he was himself appearing at a comic book convention, which the comedic detective leads infiltrated by convincing Takei that they are his personal assistants. Well into his seventies, he continues to do dramatic work as well. One notable appearance, voicing a separatist general in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, saw the former "Captain Sulu" become the first Star Trek main character to appear in a Star Wars production.

But most memorable to me will always be his appearance at the Comedy Central roast of William Shatner, where Takei quipped of Shatner's acting (and his own now-public sexuality), "if my partner sucked that hard, I would never leave my chateau."

Note: According to Oolong, "He's actually rather a lot bigger on facebook than he is on twitter - 8M to 1.4M, more or less. I see his posts there re-shared much more than I see him retweeted, too (though to be fair I do spend more time on facebook than twitter)."