I like to live by the motto: Never regret anything. I have done plenty of dumb things in my life, and to think... it isn't even half over. But, as dumb as they were, and I bad of shape I was in, I never can actually say I regretted any of them. I take every thing, and I figure out why it happened. Once I find that reason, I am fine. I can then take that reason, and learn from it. When I broke up with one of my boyfriends a couple years ago, it upset him alot, and he claimed to regret our little interlude. This upset me alot. When I wrote him our departing letter, my last words were just something off the top of my head at the time. I never really gave it too much thought.

However, as the next year went on, we became pretty good friends. As I entered his room one day, I saw a picture frame on the wall, but instead of a picture occupying it, there was a saying, typed on the computer.

Obviously, my curiousity conquered me, and I walked over to examine it. There in elegant print was what I had written to him over a year ago. Recognizing it right away, tears formed in my eyes. I turned to look at him, and the only thing he could say was, "It inspired me. I thought something like that deserved a place on my wall." As I was hugging him, another one of our friends called him out of the room. I read the words one more time, and then followed them out.

Here were the words: "Don't ever regret anything. Regret gives you nothing but personal pain and internal heartache that you don't deserve. Instead, take that experience and learn from it. Find the lesson you missed the first time, but never regret it. Ever."

Underneath, where the creator of such quotes usually goes, it said, "--A beautiful girl who wisdom is infinite, Joey Kaye".