I am indeed a hippiepunk.

Now, before you pelt me with bricks and chains, please allow me to explain..

I have long hair. This is a holdover from my metal-head days in junior high school, before I discovered good music and before I had any political leanings at all. I dress, for the most part, in baggy pants and t-shirts. The occasional hoodie, workshirt, or thrift store button down shirt making an appearance.

But, I listen to lots of punk rock type music. Good punk rock, like Husker Du, Bad Religion, the Dead Kennedys, the Descendents or the Minutemen. I do not listen to bad, fashion show punk rock such as The Casualties or Aus-Rotten. This causes me to go to shows (and yes, I know that all of the bands I like mentioned above except Bad Religion and the Descendents have broken up, but I still go to shows) so anyway, I go to shows and get harassed by glue-haired, acid tripping motherfuckers about being a god damn hippie. I'm in it for the music, not the fashion! It's not a way to get girlies!

Also, I may not have been clear above when stating some of my musical tastes: I also listen to lots of indie rock. This also causes a few people to criticize me for not being punk rock, just because every now and then I like to kick back with a little Sonic Youth, Pavement, or Guided by Voices. So to you all I say, "Fuck you!"

p.s. I hate the Grateful Dead and I don't smoke marijuana!