In a martial art sense, the "Tori is an individual who applies a technique e.g. Hip throw. The person whom the technique is being applied is called the "Uki or Uke". This relationship only has any real meaning during practice, in sparring the distinction becomes too clouded.

There must be mutual understanding and trust between both Tori and Uki, with both being able to switch roles after each technique application. So look after your Uki after all, he gets to beat, er. I mean lead next.

This partnership can go in one of two ways either they apply the technique in a conscientious manner, or they keep beating the daylights out of each other whilst working on an escalating pain scale. The result is either an injury or a full on brawl, which do not really show great amounts of technique or emotional control.

Due to the above reasons, Tori and Uke must become one functional unit.