I feel rather proud of myself.

My mum, feeling a sudden urge to become a best-selling author, has acquired an Apple Powerbook from that purveyor of all things computery and cheap, eBay. Having let her have my rather old Performa as well, I set myself the task of networking the pair.

It's been a while since I've used a Mac, and certainly a long time since I've prodded through System 7. Still, I thought I may as well give it a go. Not having manuals was a slight downside, but hey, who needs manuals, right?

I really could have used at least one of the blasted things.

What followed was half an hour's plugging in of cables (to ethernet or localtalk?), poking through the Help files, and frantic disc swapping as extensions appeared, disappeared, and ran amok seemingly of their own accord. Finding myself running out of memory halfway through was a nice touch, too.

Finally, eventually, it all comes together. Open up the Chooser, choose Appletalk, and bingo. There they are, talking away like they were like it all along. Yes.

I love this job