A gathering of classmates from high school that generally take place 5, 10, 20 and/or 30 years after the class graduated. The party allows everyone to see how much other classmates have achieved over the years, or how little. Sometimes the gathering will be at the school, sometimes in a banquet hall or elsewhere. Sometimes, they make you pay an admittance fee to return to that hellish world of childish cliques for the evening.

My 5-year reunion is supposed to be coming up, but I do not know if I will go. From what others have said about their past high school reunions, few people change, and you don't really have much to say to those people you sat in the same classes with all of those years ago. Those whom you want to talk to are usually people you still keep in touch with anyway.

I've had a few old high school friends tell me that I ought to go, simply because I have changed so much and my former classmates should be aware of it. But why? So yes, now I have lost weight, lost my acne, my nappy hair and my extremely introverted personality, but would it really matter if they saw the difference a few years made? Wouldn't it still be simply based on appearance? This time, instead of pinning cruel notes on my back, they might compliment my dress and offer me drinks?

I suppose that would be the thrill of it though. It could be fun, if only for an hour, to see who had matured and who had not. To appreciate those who succeeded (more than appearance-wise), and to see how far you yourself had really come.