Evidence for plate tectonics (which replaces the old theory that mountains and suchlike were due to shrinkage as the Earth cooled):

  1. Jigsaw fit - The obvious fit between Africa and South America and other landmasses that can be fitted together.
  2. Matching fossils - Identical plant fossils of the same age found in rocks in South Africa, Australia, Antartica, India and South America, suggesting they were joined at one point. Identical crocodile fossils have been found in Brazil and South Africa.
  3. Living creatures - The exact same species of earthworm is found on the tip of South America and the tip of South Africa. They travelled over on the big raft we now call America.
  4. Identical Rock Sequences - Rock strata of similar ages found in various countries show remarkable similarity.
  5. Magnetic Stripes - Magnetic stripes on the ocean floor have a symmetrical pattern of stripes, evidence that the two sides are speeding away from each other.