Wild Tangent is a software company that makes neat-o free games that can be played using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. They have pretty nice 3D graphics and are free (did I say that twice).

They name a number of games including:
Pig Pen - a PacMan rip off starring a pig
Space Rocks - alla Asteroids
Gem Master - sort of Columns but better
Reversi - Go
Track Meet
Front 9 - golf simulator

I just downloaded an araknoid clone , a boxing simulator called Totally Live Boxing, and a road racing game...
Let you know how they go in a cuple of hours.

They also make screen savers and some visual plug-ins for Sonique and Winamp, but I'm all about their compact (1.7-3.5MB) games, which come for free, but have banner ads.


This is their company statement on their web page:
WildTangent is all about building a richer, more exciting Internet experience for everyone- blending 3D graphics, sound, animation and interactivity. Our unique "virtual bandwidth" technology, powerful authoring tools, and inventive content have quickly made fans of developers, businesses and end-users alike. Started up by former Microsoft Evangelist and DirectX creator Alex St. John, and Cambridge mathematician Jeremy Kenyon, WildTangent is proud to work with companies of the highest caliber-from Microsoft to ATI-to make this dream a reality. We've received phenomenal support and enthusiasm from investors. Our Web DriverTM has been downloaded millions of times... and this is just the beginning.