Located at 116 Fulton Street in Manhattan, the Tytell Typewriter is closing it's doors after 66 years of business.

"The only reason offices keep typewriters around now is for labels and addressing letters," says Peter Tytell, "The new generation doesn't know what a typewriter is."

Tytell offered typewriters in 145 languages and dialects including Farsi, Serb, Croatian and Cryllic.

It's customers included journalists David Brinkley, Andy Rooney, John Hockenberry and writers including Dorthy Parker and Richard Condon.

Peter Tytell's father Martin Tytell even repaired Margret Bourke-Whit's shrapnel damaged Hermes Baby she used to cover the Korean War.

Martin began fixing typewriters when he was 15 years old. "The closing is very sad, because the store was my life for more than 70 years."

Quotes taken from an International Hearld Tribune story by Glenn Collins on February 20, 2001.