They've arrived. I now not only raise alpacas, but baby chicks/guinea fowl. There's actually pearl hens/roosters.

My father's mid-life crisis strikes again. This time it arrived in a small shoe size box with 25 peeping balls of fluff. At first I wanted to tell the man he's got the wrong house - then I looked at the address and took them and gave a small 'why did you have to deliver these today' grin. Once in the door I called my father to ask where 'these' go - he informed me he had set up a little home for them in the garage and I need to put them in there.

Ok so easy, right? Not. The box was a big box, a refrigerator box, and I couldn't reach my arm to the bottom to 'drop' these guys in. I had no intentions of wanting to touch them but I did have to so I built up a mound of their bedding and they dropped in. They all survived the plunge I flipped the heat lamp on and watched them. There is a few that are the 'leaders of the pack' when I dropped some feed down for them they all went nuts running one another for it, it was truly cute.

So ok the noisy bunch I left them in the garage, besides they smell. But I think they're cute enough to play with if I can reach them.

This is just the first chapter of the baby chick saga and the torment they cause.

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