Musings on my 100th writeup

I joined e2 just over two months ago, and now I'm writing this, my 100th writeup.

100 writeups in two months? Is that a lot? Who the hell knows. Compared to some folks out there, I'm moving at the speed of sound. Compared to others, I'm moving at the speed of a turtle pulling a U-Haul full of bricks. Eh, perhaps its best if I just stay away from comparisons altogether.

The 100-writeup mark comes just a few days after another watershed moment for 25th birthday. I've spent a frickin quarter of a century on this planet, a revelation that has had me walking around this last week in a bit of a haze, wondering what I've done with my life in the last 25 years...wondering if the first twenty-five years of my life were spent wisely, or more specifically (in the broad scope of things) if they were spent in such a way as to even matter at all.

As I pondered weak and weary, the reflective mode I was in poured over into other subjects, and eventually I looked at the little 99 under "number of writeups" and thought:

Gee, I've subjected these poor folks to stories about my whacked out sister, past love affairs gone wrong, and the dangers of toothpaste, petting zoos, and racist tattoo artists. I went off discussing some random art museum, produced a volley of unpronounceable goofy shit from Stargate SG-1, and related my experiences with sleep apnea and going under the knife. In that time, I had the opportunity to make the occasional philosophical argument (or two, or three), teach folks about something near and dear to my heart, analyze one of my favorite movies, and review what is arguably the best film of all time. And so what everyone must be wondering is, "So Springs, what's next?" (Either that or, "So Springs, when the hell are you going to just shut the hell up and leave?" ... Hopefully it's the former rather than the latter.)
I probably spent more than a year as a lurker, using e2 as a research tool, never really considering actually submitting anything, because I never really thought I had all that much to say. And now I find myself here, becoming part of a community, part of a family. Hell, I even got to attend my very first noder's meet not so long ago.

Clearly, I'm addicted. Clearly, this is no passing phase. (Hell, I just got C! power a while back...there's no way I'm gonna just walk away now!)

So I gaze into my crystal ball (which we all know I don't really have, but just play along, okay?) and wonder, what will the next 100 writeups hold? And the 100 writeups after that?

The answer, friends, is "more of the same." More of the same fine quality writing (or "shit," depending on how you view my work), with a slightly higher empahsis on pr0n and warez, two subjects in which I believe the knowledge base is sorely lacking. (I may rethink this strategy later, but right now, it's GOLD.)

To those of you who have helped me along the way, you have my sincerest thanks. To those of you who have given me a good swift kick in the ass for posting something stupid, I thank you as well. To those of you who are still swiftly kicking me in the ass just for the fun of it, well, hey, different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Excuse me, as I'm off to go write my 101st writeup, to be entitled, "Wow...pr0n and warez are available for free on the motherfuckers should really check this shit out!" I have no doubt that it will be a crowd pleaser—for, as you see, I've learned a great deal in my tenure here on e2, and now I'm (clearly) applying those wisdoms to my posting methodology.

Stay tuned and have fun...because I certainly am. :)