Actor best known for playing Teal'c on the sci-fi hit, Stargate SG-1. Born October 13, 1967.

A former All-American football player from the University of Oregon, Christopher Judge was not in the original Stargate movie, but his character joined the SG-1 team in the TV series' very first episode, Children of the Gods. Since then, his character and the other Jaffa like him have become a staple in the SG-1 universe.

Judge was interviewed by during SG-1's 5th season. According to Judge, the job of playing Teal'c started to get a bit old after the first few seasons, but he started to enjoy the role more as time went on:

Five years down the line I am more enthusiastic about the show than I have been for a long time.... During the third and fourth seasons I was kind of looking forward to the gig being over, but with season five it seems that everybody has come back really fresh and excited. I know I was looking forward to coming back more than I had for ages. It really is fun again. It’s a lot lighter and brighter and everyone is getting along really well.

Before jumping into science fiction, Judge had bit roles in TV shows like Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, MacGyver (former home to SG-1 lead Richard Dean Anderson), and 21 Jump Street. He also played parts in the movies Bird on a Wire, Cadence, The Glory Years, Little Feet, and House Party II.

Judge was born and raised in Los Angeles. His distinct appearance is a result of both African-American and Cherokee heritage.