I just had the most curious experience. I was reading a story on my computer, editing it for a friend, actually. And you know how, when you're doing something monotonous, you can sometimes tap your fingers or feet to some nameless, silent rhythm in your mind? I was doing that, tapping my left foot, 3/4 time, about 95 beats per minute- one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three... like an old 1950's backbeat, soft and languid and hypnotic, like a waltz.

And my other foot started to get in on the action, picking out the downbeats on a half-time, as a counter to the 3/4 time of my other foot. Tap... tap-tap-tap... tap... tap-tap-tap...

And in my head a single piano line started playing, in perfect time with the beat of my feet. Up and down the scale, in the same repeating pattern.

And I closed my eyes, and the sounds started filling my head, the sound of music I'd never heard before, or music I'd heard before in other songs, taken out of their original context and inserted into my imagination.

And an upright bass began to lightly strum, like someone with timing and soul in the background was plucking the strings.

And a saxophone filled my mind brilliantly, breaking into a haunting and mellow solo, in perfect tune and pitch with the piano and upright bass, the drums in my mind staying in time and throwing in a few fills here and there.

And the sound of pleasant-sounding ladies began to croon, "Want me... don't you want me?... want me... don't you want me?..." over and over, a chorus to lyrics I hadn't yet concieved, while the band played on......

In my head.

And it is now only an echo in my mind, as I write this.