Am I the only one left who sleeps well at night?

The world is a sick place.

It's got something. Something wicked and wrong and it smells bad. It has a sense to it, like fingernails on a chalk board, but I don't hear it the same way that lots of other people do, though. I hear it and it's music, which will eventually hit a final note.

People flutter in and out of life, like moths in the periphery of a yellow light bulb. Some do this by choice; others do it kicking and screaming, but they do it anyway.

Banality slips through our consciousness like a night fog, creeping into our minds and hearts like a soft, warm blanket. It's okay to be banal- that way you don't draw any attention to yourself, make yourself a target.

Stupid things to talk about. Stupid things to do. Stupid things to ponder. Stupid things to dream of. Stupid things to fear. Stupid things to hate, love, watch, see. It's all so stupid, but it's very attention-grabbing. Like Pee Wee Herman.

It's all coming to an end one day and then what will you occupy your time with, when it's all gone? Why are you living for something that won't last? If today seems so utterly blank, what's wrong with tomorrow?

I don't live for this world; I live for the one that comes after it, the next world, the world that awaits me after I die. Sounds like a pretty kickass place to me, come hell or high water.

She broke my heart. He stole my money. They took my job. We bombed their country. I lied on my application. You're not fit for this exam. What's the question again?

The stars will crumble to dust, just like you, in their Hollywood homes and limos. The politicians will get old and frail and lose their jobs, just like everyone else. The pontifs and preachers will all lie at one point or another, some for good reasons, many for the worst reasons imaginable. Parents will cry over their children. Children will scream at their parents. Worlds will collide and the sky will fall. And then it'll all reset again.

Don't hit the History Erasing button, it'll erase history.

What? Oh, we don't know. No one's ever hit it before. No one would dare touch that button. But it's tempting, isn't it?