Well, its been awhile since I have written a node, took a break for a bit as I try to sort things out in real life. I recently interviewed for a job at a local company here as a Support Center Specialist. Basically a glorified helpdesk position, and I am currently waiting to hear back from them about the job.

It was my second time interviewing for them, it seems that this job is the starting point for their company and if you choose to you can move up really quickly. So, the interview went great, really good. I talked to the dreaded HR rep for awhile, standard interview questions and then I interviewed with people who would be possible co-workers and both of those went excellent.

They said they would get back to me today, however, I'm at my part-time job today until 10pm, which means if they leave me a message, I can't get to them until tomorrow (I have one of those cheap answering machines that I can't retrieve messages remotely}.

So the wait continues........