It seems daylog is becoming a daily event.

Hope noone minds! But I am prepared for the onslaught of downvotes!

I have the feeling I'm getting way behind studywise, and should probably do something about it, but what really happens if I fail. Sweet bugger all really, there's no real consequences, I'll still be the same old waste of space as before. Not that this is a pity node or anything.

And most people have already lost all faith in me, so what do they care!

Damnit, this is getting a little too similar to a livejournal to me.

Maybe I should just throw my arms in a huge display of angst. Well, I've only got one more year of being a teenager, might as well use it while I can.

Lets throw in some geek eh. Today I played Battlefield 1942. I need a new pc now, more than ever.