Liminal has it completely ass-backwards. It was Minneapolis that had the anti-semitic vibe, not St. Paul; and it was well-earned, too. Jews in Minneapolis prior to about the early 1950's were arguably the most impoverished and ghettoed in the United States. A then-notorious 1946 article by sociologist Carey McWilliams declared Minneapolis to be "the anti-semitic capital of the U.S." The period from 1936-38 is remembered as being particularly awful for Minneapolitan Jews, and is probably the closest any region in the U.S. came to engaging in a bona fide pogrom.

Even as recently as the late 1950's Jewish schoolchildren in at least one elementary school in Minneapolis were in dread of the last school day before Easter vacation, when all the kids would be trucked into an auditorium, the Jewish kids ordered to stand up, and all the other kids instructed by the principal to point at them and shout "boo."

Although St. Paul was by no means a kosher paradise, the situation was much different there, where the local Jewish population was wealthier, more widespread, and far more socially integrated. Instead, St. Paul's chief problem in the 1930's wasn't anti-Semitism, but gangsterism; while the local Minneapolis brownshirts were busy busting Jewish heads and spraying swastikas on anything lived in, operated by, or worshipped by Jews, the city fathers of St. Paul had arranged a nationwide "safe haven" policy for gun-totin' gangsters, turning the city into the premier hideout location for the likes of John Dillinger, Al "Creepy" Karpis, and Ma Baker and her kids.

Nowadays, St. Paul has an almost pathetic level of pride in its "gangster past," and has a healthy little tourist industry built up around it. Minneapolis has so successfully buried its anti-Semitic roots, on the other hand, that it has apparently convinced people that it was really St. Paul that was the culprit all along.

As for modern neo-Nazi groups and publishing organizations; again, it's Minneapolis, not St. Paul, that gets the brass ring. Both the overtly pro-Nazi National Socialist Movement and the recently-defunct Panzerfaust Records (a prominent neo-Nazi music label), for example, are/were headquartered in Minneapolis. I don't know of any major anti-Semitic groups that are based out of St. Paul.