The Sweet Smell of Survival
How Pixy Stix Saved my Ass

Wednesday, I was told not to come back to my place of work. It's a long story, and one that I don't really care to explain in detail here. I was screwed over by a coworker, and was fired as if from a cannon by Human Resources.

Rent is due. Actually, rent is several days overdue, but my landlords are usually willing to let me slide a few days, since I've lived here for so long.

And today was a ShrineCon, which meant trying to sell hentai books and other stuff to make a little extra cash. Normally, I take that extra cash, and buy some little luxuries - a toy here, a movie there, a book or three perhaps. But not today.

Among one of my newer items this time around is Pixy Stix. Not the tiny little paper tubes, though... these are the 18" long Giant Pixy Stix. I sell them for a dollar, and they sell well. I was beyond broke (Not counting money already set aside for rent) before I arrived at the Convention, and I had enough to cover the remainder of my rent by the time the convention closed. Not enough sales to make a living off of, unfortunately, but enough to cover my shortages.

In a way, it's sad that a plastic tube full of artificially-colored, artificially-flavored sugar would be my best-selling item, but if it sells, I'd be a fool not capitalize on it as much as I can.