17:51 (GMT +10:00) Sydney
Well, today started great. I had to get up early so I could take my car in for a service. I remember my alarm going off and thinking "Just 5 more minutes" and hitting snooze. What I don't remember is when I turned the alarm off completely. So, of course, when I woke up 40 minutes later I was running completely late. Well, that was just dandy but to top it off, I then managed to get complete lost going from the garage to work. At work by 10:30am on the dot! Yay! Heh..

Had some fun last night however. The bong at home was getting a little dirty (ok, it was disgusting), so I decided it was about time to clean it. This time I decided to keep all that lovely black gunk that I scrapped of it (the resin!) mull it up and smoke it. OOooooohhh boy - gonna be doing that a few more times let me tell you! (added bonus was we were out of pot!)

Sent my

off today - I paid $AU21.50 for faster processing, so hopefully I should getting it back in 2 weeks and having a party! ($2,800 will really be helpful in paying off bills and getting things fixed!).

Umm.. I had some more stuff to talk about but I just completely forgot it... d'oh!

I'm going skiing this weekend!

Happiness and light! And the best thing is that my company is paying for it all! (food, accomidation, alcohol, lift passes - the lot!) Fanatastic, I love it! And even better, they've paying for my girlfriend too! Aaaahhh...