Have you ever witnessed something so beautiful as a thunderstorm at night? Bolts of lightning that illuminate the pitch black sky like an army of Mag Lites. They streak across the sky, seemingly tearing the fabric of reality. The light show soon gives way, though, to the unnerving peals of thunder which cause the very foundations of houses to rumble. But the true beauty of a midnight storm is the black rain.

Black rain, you say? There is no such thing! Ah, but to believe. You can shove it in a glass and put it under the light, but it will not be black. You can drench your clothes in it and wring them out, but there will be no trace of it. But to believe in the black rain is to believe in the beauty of nature.

Go ahead and step outside into the black rain. Run around in it, dance in it, play in it. Do you feel that? For a moment, all the cares in the world, all the worry, all the doubt, all the hatred, all the anger is gone. Where did it go? It's falling all around you. Crashing to the ground. For one moment, all those bad things are gone. Gone into the black rain.