A heart attack just waiting in the wings.

What you do, if you want to do it the gringo way, is take an English muffin and slice it in half. On top of these halves, place two fried eggs, a heap of chili, diced tomatoes, some salsa, a few spoonfuls of sour cream, some chopped olives, and, just for kicks, some Tabasco (or even habanero) sauce.

Eat with a knife and fork. Ah, hell. Life's short. Just smoosh your face right into it.

Most people substitute the english muffins for a tortilla of some variety, usually corn. My cookbook has a recipe that requires one to cook the eggs with the ingredients, and omits the chili (you make your own -- how very DIY of Betty Crocker), salsa, and sour cream from the equation, and, consequently, most of the artery clenching fun of the meal.

Huevos rancheros usually tend to be greasy diner fare, which is why I first fell in love with them, although it's usually best not to be trapped on a long car ride with yourself or anyone else who partakes of this succulent cuisine a few hours after breakfast. If I make 'em at home I usually follow the English muffin formula and add chives and garlic and potatoes and whatever else happens to be dwelling in my fridge that will add to the sheer horror factor without infringing on my taste buds.

Huevos rancheros are quick, easy, and aren't as hazardous to your health as Moon Waffles or a Good Morning Burger. Just, uhm, try not to make them an absolute staple of your diet, okay?