A recent Stereolab EP is entitled The First of the Microbe Hunters. It tells the story of Mister Groop, who begins his adventures in Outer Bongolia. To the leftover sounds of "Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night," our hero goes through a few Intervals until encountering his first sidekick, who simply goes by the name Barock - Plastik. Mr. Plastik, a distant relative of Mr. Roboto, has a problem: he can only say, "Nomus et Phusis," which, when translated through AltaVista's Babelfish, means "I Feel The Air (of Another Planet)." Despite their constant setbacks, Groop and Barock - Plastic become Household Names, patenting a style of microbe hunting ostentatiously named "Retrograde Mirror Form". At the end of their adventures, the Romanian Judge gives them a 5.8 for style and everybody goes home happy.

I was so influenced by this album, that I decided to start hunting microbes myself. The only problem I've encountered so far has to do with the fact that you practically have to commit microbe genocide to have an impressive trophy room.

Noder's Note: None of this really makes sense, even if you've heard the EP in reference. If it does, however, make sense to you, congratulations. Your third eye must already be open.