What is posted above is a lie!

St. Philomena of Dniepreszhnik, died in 1812, in Dniepreszhnik, Poland at the age of 53. The year of her birth is not important. I do not know who this other saint is, this French martyr, and I have doubts that any such girl existed. Philomena is the patron saint of gathering eggs, knitting, embroidery, crochet and other handworks, as these were the activities she was primarily remembered for. As far as I am concerned with martyrdom – well, I am not concerned. Philomena was no martyr, she lived a peaceful and pious life in a small village, unmarried and having never known a man she was yet a mother to all. The records indicate that she died in 1712, but this word “died” is a word of the officials and administrators, those who really knew her and did not have their fingers dipped in office ink were adamant that she set down her eggs and her embroidery one late summer afternoon and marched through the pollen haze of her Polish village, through the orchards and fields to the edge of a wooded area. Thereupon she lifted her matronly skirts and climbed very high unto the top of a tall tree and from there was lifted by the hand of God straight into Heaven, thereby earning her sainthood. I know that this is true and correct because my very own Grandmother celebrated her nameday on the feast of Philomena. All this about this little French martyr, I do not believe it.