Sony's entry level US MiniDisc player as of early 2001

It runs off of 1 AA battery which lasts about 10 hours in my experience using alkalines. It comes in a light aquaish blue and silver, though I've only seen the blue ones for sale. It has volume and track controls on the back of the unit, AVLS and Mega Bass switches on the front edge and a remote with track, volume, display and play mode controls. There is no display on the player, just the remote, and the remote isn't backlit, which isn't really a big deal. It works nicely, never has skipped and is no thicker than a pair of MD cases aside from the protrusion of the battery socket.

My only complaints would be with the headphones, which are the shitty "earbuds on a band" kind with a 1 foot cord (they assume you'll always use the remote), and that the volume of the player is a bit weak compared to my old Sharp.

It's really a nice piece of engineering though, feels solid and hasn't failed me yet. I'd recomend it to someone who already has a home MD deck or has an aging portable player/recorder and wants something smaller. Street price is about $100USD.