Work: Flustery. (compare silly old Bear, "blustery".) Breakfast: a buttered bagel. Everyone is headachey. Paul Anka is honored on the local "oldies" station. Lunch: wild berry Power Bar. The problem with my co-worker's notebook computer turns out to be the mostly harmless virus, which merely prevents regedits and normal shutdown on Win9x. Just yesterday I told Dad I'm not interested in doing computer consulting anytime soon, too much volatility in the field and it devours my liesure time... and now I'm considering offering this most recent client a referral bounty. Flatmate's parakeet (Pee Wee) perches atop the laptop's screen as I work. I discover his formerly adorable head-butting behavior coincides with vomiting: the filthy little devil is trying to wipe his beak clean on me. Yee-UCK. I banish him to his cage. Grocery shopping, I wrangle a case of Manhattan Special. I run into Dad by chance at ShopRite. Supper: sub sandwich. Theme song of the day: CCR's Lodi.