This is just a reminder to myself:

You have this guy. He's sleeping in the next room. You know why?

Because he voluntarily decided not to go with the guys last night to a strip bar.

When you asked him "Well, why for-goodness-sake NOT?" this man (who is sleeping like a kitten, like a tiger cub, curled up around the warm space that was recently you) said - with the clear direct gaze you fell in love with maybe before you even fell in love with his eyes - this man said,

"Well, it wouldn't be very right, would it?"

You blinked at him and for a minute it felt like algebra all over again. You said (and you were honestly puzzled, shame on you!),

"But honey, I'd have never known!"

And he grinned. And it was a big grin, cause he'd caught you trying to fool your own self again. He thinks that is The! Funniest! Thing! when you do that.

"I would, though," he laughed, and then he put his arms where they should always be (which is to say around you).

"Silly," he mumbled, through his own silly sweet grin and a mouthful of your hair. "Silly, silly girl."

Best. Valentine's. Ever.