(Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) is a shiny-skinned tropical snake commonly kept and bred in captivity. The tangerine honduran milksnake can be identified by its vibrant orange color, black bands, and black face (which makes them look like they're wearing bandit masks...pretty cute, for a snake.) They will grow to be 4-6 feet long at maturity and, with proper handling, they can become tame and docile pets. Because their natural habitat is tropical, tangerine honduran milksnakes will only thrive when kept in warm, humid enclosures. In order for this snake, (and most others) to thermoregulate properly, their enclosures should include a hot side (between 80-95 degrees farenheit) and a cool side (between 65-75 degrees farenheit.) Herpetologists do not recommmend catching specimens of this, or any other reptile from the wild in order to keep as pets; they can be more safely and humanely obtained from breeders and fanciers who raise and breed them in captivity.