With a good stereo system and a big TV, you can recreate a movie experience that can, in some cases, exceed film.

DVD provides an unmatched quality of audio. Most DVD offer multiple audio choices, including Dolby 5.1, digitally mastered stero, THX-ready audio tracks, various dubbed languages, and director commentary, sometimes with cast and crew.

DVD finally allows the full widescreen presentation of a film, rather than a cropped or pan and scan version. There are those in the uneducated masses who feel that seeing the nasty black bars above and below their precious movie somehow means they're not seeing the big picture. Ironically, when an image fills an entire TV screen (usually a 4:3 aspect ratio), then they miss parts of the movie.

Most special features on DVDs include featurettes or production notes, commentary, deleted scenes, alternate shots of scenes, and any number of additional material.

Any further requests for DVD advocacy, send them my way. DVD can be better than film.